Boxing Day bimble

My name is Gina and it’s been 80 days since I last bagged a Wainwright!

After doing the traumatic Kirkfell and Mosedale horseshoe, hadn’t ventured out into the hills due to one thing of another.

So with a window of opportunity on Boxing Day, decided to do a walk taking in the 3 wainwrights; Barrow, Scar crags and Causey Pike.

Dave had his knees operated on only a few weeks ago, so this was a gentle walk to see how they went. Text Gary and he came along to join us.


The weather was promising. We met and had a couple of options to ascend Barrow our first Wainwright. Either a very steep ascent up the front or a slightly longer more gentle ascent. We chose the later. We were all feeling the lack of hill fitness and has frequent “view stops”. Especially when the sun was breaking through the lingering cloud. This walk was a chance to try out my audioboo, this is
kind of like a podcast. There is a link at the bottom if you want to listen.


It was also the first outing for my newly purchased Pacer poles. I used Lexi poles about 15 years ago but fell out with them. Finding them cumbersome and sold them. But after hearing good things about pacer poles and pinching Dave and Gary’s on previous walks, decided to get some myself. The difference is the unique contoured handle is designed anatomically to integrate with the hand – for controlling the arm’s stride-leverage and transferring power directly and effectively. The design supersedes the use of suspended straps. It makes such a difference to your walking and cannot recommend them enough!

So after lots of puffing and panting the first summit of Barrow was in sight. I could tell I had not been walking as was suffering. But the views made it worthwhile.



From here was a descent and onto a clearly marked path up to our next summit of Scar crags. So defined even I couldn’t get lost!

There was no definitive marker on the summit of Scar Crags apart from this cairn.




From the summit of Scar crags could see the controversial zig zag path of Sail.

From Scar crags was only a short ascent to Causey Pike. We decided to have a lunch stop. Not a bad place to have lunch.

Perfect place to have a brew out of Dave’s Christmas present!

Nothing is better than flask coffee and chocolate!
There was a moment of light and quickly snapped this.

The summit of Causey Pike my 118th Wainwright.

I took a wrong turn on the descent down and ended up doing some impromptu scrambling. On the descent had fantastic views of Derwent water.

Soon the car was in sight and more importantly the thought of our walkers reward! A short drive to the Swinside inn and a pint of Keswick Brewery Thirst Gold.

A pint downed and time to say our goodbyes.

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