Braised lamb casserole

I’ve made so many casseroles in my lifetime but this new recipe is probably my favourite. Inexpensive cuts of meat are perfect for this type of cooking. Plus the meat ends up meltingly tender.

Serves 6

1.2 kg of lamb neck, trimmed and halved
1 tbsp olive oil
2 onions, very finely chopped
2 sticks of celery finely chopped
100 ml white wine
400 ml chicken stock
1 can of chopped tomatoes
8 cloves of garlic, skin left on and bashed with a knife
4 sprigs of thyme
2 bay leaves
2 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp smoked paprika

Preheat oven to 160°. Season the lamb . Heat the oil in a large lidded casserole dish and had half the lamb. Seal the meat and repeat with the next half. Remove and place on a plate.
Set aside the meat, into the pan add the onion and celery. Cook for 3-4 minutes until slightly softened. Increase the heat and add the wine, cook for a further 2 minutes until almost evaporated.
Add the rest of the ingredients, mixing well. Let it simmer for a couple of minutes, return the lamb to the pan with any juices.
Cook covered in the oven for 2 1/2 hours until meltingly tender. Serve with wilted greens and mash.

Of you do have any leftovers makes a great ragu to have with pasta 😉

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