Running hat

I’ve said it before, but I love social media. With a tweet asking for recommendations for a decent waterproof hat, someone put me in touch with Stanley from Aclimatise.
After a couple of conversations and a hat was ordered. Very prompt service as my hat arrived almost by return of post.

When I first wore it, I thought I looked like the crazy chef from the muppets. Luckily it was dark when I went running wearing it. After messaging my concerns, Stanley said you need to turn the rim of the hat on itself so it makes it more of a skull cap. Aaah that’s better!

It’s great as I have an aversion to getting my hair wet as it goes crazy! It’s completely waterproof (excellent beading on it’s first test in the rain) and doesn’t make my head sweat as it’s breathable.

Perfect accessory for training at this time of year! So if you want one too visit


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  1. Billie says:

    Sounds great! Same hair here, reacts to dampness, but I don’t go running lol :0)x

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