A Kentish Sussex adventure

I guess it’s fair to say I’m a doer. All too often we say “we must visit” and years go by and it doesn’t happen. So when Tanya and Paul moved house last year and we said we must visit. So we did just that, plus I’d never been to Tunbridge Wells. So a date was set.
Apart from visiting Brighton, Gillingham was the furthest south I had been. It’s a long drive down and took about 6 hours, this was good for a Friday in between half term changeover.
When we arrived, Tanya was waiting with a glass of Prosecco and the wifi code!! She is a true friend indeed! We did proceed to finish that and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I did feel a little woolly in the morning.
So off to Tunbridge Wells, it is such a stunning city and completely fell in love with the place. The pantiles were just beautiful as I’m sure you’ll agree.

A perfect spot to have a coffee and watch the world go by.


Tanya was dog sitting the gorgeous Tilly. I’m not really a dog person but Tilly is the exception. I did sneak her some cake crumbs ssshhhh. I had bought her some of my famous chocolate brownies!
It was so lovely just wandering, popping into quirky shops. A new fish restaurant had opened so we popped in for a glass of bubbly and oysters!


I’d had a bad experience of oysters a long time ago. These were absolutely delicious. I had one set with the traditional shallots and vinegar, the others done in tempura. Utterly yummy.
More wandering and glanced up and saw this wonderful clock.

Here’s the gorgeous obligatory Tilly shot, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt!!


Time to don my new hunters and get some Sussex mud on them!

It was a lovely spring day and a different kind of stunning scenery than I’m used to in the lakes. Lovely rolling countryside.



We had to sample some of Sussex finest beer whilst watching the rugby!

Quick power nap and change for dinner. Headed back into Tunbridge Wells to meet Tanya’s friend Christie. We had met Christie on previous occasions she had visited the lakes. A yummy dinner was had. More drinking and lots of laughing!
A rare Sunday lie in, obviously very relaxed in Sussex! We were meeting up with Paul’s sister Louise and family for a late breakfast. I felt as if I already knew her through Tanya and Facebook, so was looking forward to finally meeting her in person. As soon as we met it felt as if had known each other for years. A lovely breakfast before heading back to the North.


So a fabulous weekend in the south with lovely friends. Looking forward to exploring this area more in the future, can we book in again Tanya?


  1. Adam says:

    Gwen and Masher are very upset. They thought they were favourite. #Inconsolable 😉

    1. Gina says:

      Tilly is my favourite Labrador whilst Gwen and Masher are my favourite jack Russell’s x

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