If Carlsberg did sandwiches…..

It may be a bit sad to do a blog post about a sandwich, but people need to know about this. I’m like a public sandwich service.
Having passed it hundreds of times, I finally went into Jan’s Lakeland sandwich shop in Keswick. The variety of sandwiches and homemade goodies is immense. Everything homemade upstairs.
Her sandwiches are like food orgasms, not wanting it to end savouring every last mouthful. My favourite is Home roast ham, Brie and homemade apricot chutney on ciabatta. It’s just simple but delicious, plus I can eat it whilst driving without causes too much mess.
Today I had my other favourite ; pulled pork with coleslaw. You need to try this! I usually end up with most of it smeared over my face as it’s a messy one!
So if you’re ever in Keswick, visit here and sample for yourself!



  1. andy mogg says:

    Love the sarnies in jans, her tomato cheese bread rocks too.

  2. m17ogg says:

    I love jans sandwiches, especially her New Yorker/ ruben on the cheese and tomato bread

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