New kit

So this year I’ve added some bits to my walking kit. I’m not an expert but thought I’d share my purchases.

Pacer poles – after coveting my friends pacer poles. Dave bought me some for Christmas. I had Lexi poles about 20 years ago when they first came out. But found the wrist bands annoying and just fell out of love with them.
Pacerpoles are designed from first principles to apply Biomechanics to whole-body movement – improving posture for better breathing, and maximising walking performance and endurance levels.
Pacerpoles unique contoured handle is designed anatomically to integrate with the hand – for controlling the arm’s stride-leverage and transferring power directly and effectively. The design supersedes the use of suspended straps.
I have found this invaluable and make the perfect helper for negotiating bogs and river crossings.


Montane flux jacket – I already have a primaloft North face jacket but whilst I’ve been walking I found that I really needed a hood. So in the Christmas sales I found a montane flux jacket half price in Gaynors. It’s a great lightweight jacket which is nice and warm. Plus I’ve injected some colour into my walking wardrobe! It’s blue which is breakaway from my usual black. I’m trying to look less like a walking ninja.


Rab softshell and gaiters – I wanted a softshell but it was a question of which one. Thanks to the fab staff in the Cotswold I found one. I love the fit of it, slightly longer at the back perfect to stop my bum getting cold. It’s surprisingly waterproof as I found out when I got caught in a downpour.
Gaiters, I’ve not worn these for years but after being on a few boggy walks and getting soaking legs decided to invest in some new ones. My old ones were red and didn’t match my walking wardrobe! Always important to be co ordinating!! My new one are easier to attach and had their first outing last week.

Marmot winter gloves – I’m all for a bargain so I was pleased to find these half price in the winter sale. I hate getting cold hands. I various gloves but really needed some more heavy duty ones. These keep my hands toasty warm as there is nothing worse than cold hands on a hillside.



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