A few more Eastern fells ticked off

Let the Wainwright obsession continue……..
With a busy training running week, it should have been a “rest” day but I decided that I would squeeze in a walk. So the Sheffield Pike round was the plan.

Paul had come along to join us. You can tell it is the holiday season as though early, on the drive over we encountered lots of very slow drivers.
We parked in the layby just out of Glenridding village and the path we needed was a steep drag up out of the layby.

My legs were aching from the week’s exertion. The weather had been a little showery on the journey over so was glad it had stopped raining when we started walking.

It was a steep path up but had amazing views of Ullswater to keep us company.


Soon the first summit Glenridding Dodd was in the bag! It was the perfect place to try out my “selfie helper”




Today was also the first outing for my new rucksack. It was a bargain in the North Face one day sale. It’s very comfy to wear and lots of pockets!!! Plus it’s not black, I’m trying to inject some colour into my walking wardrobe.


From Glenridding Dodd it was a double back to join the path up to Sheffield Pike. It was a well defined undulating path.


It was so unbelievably windy on the tops that it nearly blew me over on a couple of occasions. From here was a nice walk over to the Birkett called Birkett fell onto Hartside. My legs were really feeling it especially as the boggy ground made it a trudge.





Hartside was my 140th wainwright 🙂 from here was a nice descent down back to the car. I was more of a gentle plod with my pacer poles as support.

At the end of a walk always always have a walkers reward. So off to the Brotherswater inn for a pint of Barngates Tag Lag.



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