Confessions of a marathon girl

After my knee injury last year and doing the London marathon, my running mojo vanished. I’d run a bit, my knee would niggle and never got into my stride, pardon the pun! Hated the feeling of constantly starting from scratch again and again.

Those of you that don’t know, I was 40 last year and set myself 40 challenges to be completed in my 40th year. Completing the London marathon was one of them. It was a lot of fun completing my list, whilst I was doing them, there were lots of other things which I wanted to do. So I have a new “fabulist” and doing the Brathay Windermere marathon is one of the many things on it.

The Brathay marathon is my home marathon and is one of the most picturesque marathons in the country. It is a very tough course though with some killer hills. Having the focus of a race is perfect inspiration to find my running mojo. I have found the training quite hard as I have had a couple of bouts of girl flu and just knocked me back. If it was easy everyone would be doing marathons!! I had in my stupid wisdom entered Manchester marathon which was a couple of weeks ago, as I thought would be a good training run! In reality what happened was, I got myself so stressed and upset worried I wouldn’t be fit enough to run it, forgetting that my running goal was 6 weeks later. So I decided to not run much to the delight of my husband Dave, as this meant I was back to being normal me! With the weight of that lifted, I could concentrate on my training plan. I am following a Bupa intermediaite marathon training plan. Come rain or shine I check my plan, lycra on and I am off. When you get to the later stages of the marathon training, it’s finding the time for the longer runs as these usually takes 2/3 hours.

In the last couple of weeks everything seems to have come together. I have run the furthest I have done since completing London last year. I felt good after my 18 mile run around some of the course. I am surprising myself with how strong I am becoming. It is a major fault of mine that I don’t actually believe in myself or my ability. I am learning to rectify this. When I visited Graham at the Body rehab for my monthly torture I mean sports massage, he said I had runners hamstrings! Me an althlete??

Thing is, by my appearance I don’t look like a runner. I have curves and boobs, ladies I would recommend the “American Sports Jockey” bra crop top, it manages to keep my ample 36D chest under control and is comfy to wear!! When I say to people I run and am doing a marathon they look at me quizzically and ask if I’m training! No I thought I would just pitch up and see what happens. But I love running, the feeling of blood rushing through your body, those rare Forest Gump moments when you feel like you could run forever.

People have asked if I am running for a charity, so I have decided that I am going to raise funds for Alice Escapes which is a local charity. Alice Escapes is a charity run by a team of volunteers committed to providing free holidays for families with a serious ill child. For more information please visit
The idea for Alice’s Escapes came after Alice and her family spent a week being looked after by the Torbay Holiday Helper’s Network (THNN) based in Devon. All accommodation, food, outings and activities were given with the compliments of local businesses. After many years of gruelling treatments, Alice and her family were able to step back and experience ‘normal’ family life.
So they now have caravan number 2 and my fundraising will go towards furnishing that. Any donations will be a fantastic help

So 32 days till the marathon, come on body stick with me, we can do this….

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