Good Friday walk

A very favourable forecast and it was off to tick off some more hills in the Eastern fells. Stu, Alan and Karen came along to join us. The route was going to take in the Priest hole. I had seen several pictures of this so was looking forward to experiencing it for myself.

Also it was another opportunity to try out my “selfie stick” or “chav stick” as Alan has now christened it! It’s great for doing group selfies!!!

The weather was just stunning and regretted missing applying suncream as I had very red arms later.


It was a long walk up to the priest hole but was on a very well defined walked path. Soon the priest hole was in view after a brief scramble. I certainly wouldn’t want to attempt this in less than perfect weather. It was a lot smaller than I imagined but did have fantastic views.



From here we climbed up to Little Hart Crag then onto Dove Crag. Was nice to see a view from Dove crag as when I did the Fairfield horseshoe the cloud was down.


Here was the perfect spot to have lunch and lighten the brownie load from my rucksack.
Onto Hart crag, again was nice to see a view after last time.

Then a short walk up to Hartsop above How, my 141st wainwright. Stunning views.


It was a very steep grassy descent back to the car. It was so warm that we were all daydreaming about the cold walkers reward waiting for us.
Soon Brothers water was in view.

The car park was bursting at the seams with happy holiday makers. It was nice seeing people enjoying the sunshine.
A pint at the Brothers water inn and was time to say our goodbyes.

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