Cake and walkies = calorie neutral

It’s fair to say I’m a doer. My twitter friend Jenny and I spoke about her coming to stay, so we made a date and on bank holiday Sunday she came to stay for a couple of days.

After a cuppa and brownie, we set off for Gummers How. It had been ages since I’d last done this walk. Gummers How is a great walk, it’s a bonus that where you park you’ll already a good way up. It is an outlying Wainwright, though I’m not ticking those off till I’ve completed the other ones.

The weather had started to turn and had a few raindrops on the journey over. But as we started walking the weather faired up and were treated to amazing views of Windermere on our accent.



A very well walked path and a little scrambling and the trig point was in sight. Gorgeous 360° views. It’s little effort for a big reward.



Photos taken and it was back down to the car. A quick drive home to change and then off to Lakeside Hotel for afternoon tea. Our friend Si came to join us and to meet Jen.

The Lakeside is a beautiful hotel and the views onto the lake are utterly lovely. A glass of champagne to accompany our afternoon tea was a must. I had just redone their loose tea selection on the tea menu. I was impressed when test tubes filled with the teas appeared for us to choose.

We started with a chilled cucumber and mint soup.


Then a selection of sandwiches.


Then cake!!!! Oh my they were delicious. Though we tried, we couldn’t manage them all. The staff very kindly boxed them up and put into a doggy bag. We were glad that we had walked a little before scoffing!


We did giggle that Dave and Si were wearing nearly identical jackets!

A few snaps before heading over to Hawkshead and show Jen Hawkshead’s nightlife 😉



Published by Gina

Oxford Girl living in the North. Nearly a northerner as have lived in Kendal for over 25 years. Enjoys knife throwing, running, fell walking, snapping pics on my travels round the Lakes and being a domestic goddess. My Chocolate Brownies are legendary so I am told.

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