A stretch up Dow Crag

After the big 10 in 10 walk the day before, woke up feeling not too bad. Sacking off camping in favour of my comfy bed probably helped!
So I said to Dave should we go for a walk as was such a gorgeous day. So with a check on Wainwrights to do list decided to do Dow crag. Another one that was missed as was not in full bagger mode, when we climbed the Old Man of Coniston.

Parking in the Walna Scar car park saved the trudge up the hill. We kicked ourselves that we hadn’t parked there when we did the Old Man. The path was well defined and Dow Crag stood prominently in the background.



I had my anti wicking boob tube on! I wish that outdoor brands would make a technical one!!

Legs were enjoying the stretch out and were feeling not to bad. The midges were out in force and guess who forgot to put her Avon skin so soft on!!! Doh. I got bitten to death my arm looking like a bad dot to dot.

The first peak was Brown pike, a Birkett and yes I’m making a note of these too. My names Gina and I’m obsessed! Fantastic views all around.

A short walk to the next peak of Buck pike. Dow crag in the distance.




The summit of Dow crag was a easy walk up and a slight scramble up to the official spot height.






It was tempting to pop up to do the Old Man but thought better of it. Instead continued the descent down to Goats Water.





Dave decided to have a dip in Goats water. Rather him than me!


The path back to the car seemed to go on forever. Tiredness kicking in and closely followed by the need for beer.
Soon I could see the car, a short drive into the village and into the Black Bull for some walkers reward.


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