An Eskdale medley

So on the way home from the Strands in Wasdale, there were 3 more Wainwrights in mind to do on the way home. Fuelled up with a hearty breakfast off we set to drive to the summit of Hardnott pass.

It was a glorious day and the road ahead was clear over Hardnott. We parked in the lay by at the summit of Hardnott. There was a well defined path out of the lay by up to Hardnott. It took about 15 mins to walk up to the top. It’s a great summit with fantastic views to the Scafell group of mountains.




Back to the car and over the road to walk towards Harter Fell. There was quite a lot of dead ground and was quite boggy in places. The sun was out and had fantastic 360° views to the surrounding hills.

There was a trig point on the fell top but to the official spot height it was a boulder scramble. Which of course I did.





From here it was a steep descent off Harter Fell towards Green Crag. Then the path disappeared and had to pick our own path across the boggy land. It was such a trudge and could feel the previous walks in my legs.

Green Crag just seem to get further and further away. But finally we were on it after a double check with GPS. The view from the top made it all worthwhile.






From here it was a downhill to some open ground that went on forever. Trudge through grass and bog. Pacer pole make excellent helpers for jumping bogs!! It was easy to become disorientated with which peak we were heading for. The path disappearing and then reappearing. Grumpiness was setting in as I was tired and just wanted to be back at the car.

More up and downs, through forests and then the car! Another 3 ticked off and my legs were officially tired!

To the pub and some well earnt grub!!

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