After work walk bimble up Lingmoor

With an ok forecast, decided to have an after work walk to do Lingmoor. This was missed as when I’d planned to do it previously, I fell mid walk and damaged my knee. I’m still not sure how I mustered the power to get myself off the hill as the pain was awful.

As I drove past the hill where it happened, I went cold reliving that moment. It still makes me nervous when descending grassy hills.

Some may say it’s cheating but we parked in the car park at Blea tarn and was just going to be an up and down walk. I do love Blea Tarn, the Langdales are one of my favourite areas. Gary drove down to join us.

The weather looked as if would turn at any moment. But for the time being it was dry and had lovely views to walk to.



Once we found the path through the overgrowth of ferns, it was a short steep ascent to the top. On the summit the wind was almost gusting. As you will tell from my hair!




From the summit we descended in the direction of Side pike and then followed the well marked path down. As we looked towards the Coniston fells could see the rain coming in.





We joined the road for the short walk back to the car. It was only about 2 miles but was nice to be out. As we approached the cars the heavens opened. Good timing.

A walkers reward pint and chips at the Stickle Barn whilst planning our next adventure in the Central fells!


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