The final Far Eastern fells

After the previous Sundays epic far eastern bagging, it just left The Nab and Rest Dodd to do in order to finish the Far Eastern Wainwright book. We had been staying in Pooley Bridge with friends so thought perfect opportunity to do then en route home.

As it was near lunchtime when we set off, we thought that we may not get parked in the small car park in Hartsop village. Luckily there was a tiny space which we could squeeze into. Boots on and the sun was shining. It was a glorious day.

Off we set on a familiar path as only came down this the previous week. The sun was burning down as I started the climb my hangover seem to kick in. To say I was whinging was an understatement. I took lots of view stops to say the least. Stopping and thinking I’ve climbed all of these mountains I can see.





We decided to do the Nab first, it’s an out and back walk. I was not particularly happy about the trudging through the peat bogs. It is completely in the middle of the surrounding bigger hills. The promise of a chocolate bar kept me going to the summit.



Summit done and it was back the same way to pick up the path for Rest Dodd. Hangover had subsided. The path up was well marked, though did have to climb a very precarious stile!

A short climb to the summit of Rest Dodd, the final Far Eastern fell and summit 193. A double check which summit was the official top before descending.



We took the path down and was interesting to see the dam gone at the mouth of Hayswater which had been worked on for the last few weeks. As they turn it from a reservoir back to a mountain tarn.


The path took us back to the same path we had descended on the previous week back to the car park. A pint of cocker hoop at the Brotherswater inn was a perfect walkers reward.

21 wainwrights to go and 2 more Wainwright books to complete. Off on holiday so the obsession will reconvene upon my return.

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