Parasailing – a thing off my new fabulist

I’ve always seen this being done whilst on various holidays. I put it on my list to conquer my fear of extreme heights and my fear of open water. So whilst in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago decided yes let’s do this!

After a bit of bartering got a flight for all of us. As we had my youngest Jake and his friend Mille with us. With the parasailing you can have up to 12 people on one parachute and even have had children as young as 2. I thought if a 2 year old can do it then so can I!

After donning our life jackets and getting into the harnesses it was into the waiting speedboat.


Theirs was another 2 on the boat so we were to go first!



Deep breaths and hold on tight as we set off. Our feet dipping in the water.




When I opened my eyes the bay was stretching out before me. Beautiful crystal blue seas under our feet. It was slightly scary being so high and exposed but one I got use to it loved it.


The flight was about 18 minutes long. Soon we could feel ourselves being reeled back in to the safety of the boat.




Such a fantastic experience and you can see our flight here:

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