A few more Western Fells ticked off

I make no pretence of not being a fair weather walker. Been there and got the soggy t-shirt. So with an opportunity with the weather and time decided to do some of the western fells. Poor Stuart couldn’t make it as his work van had broken down and was running very late. So it was Ray, the beast and Gary who came to join us. Ray had only landed back from Holiday that morning so was in need of a fell fix.

Hen comb, Blake fell, Burnbank and Gavel were the fells today. We met and managed to get a parking space near to the legendary Kirkstile inn. The weather on the drive over was awful, rain on a biblical scale. I thought why are we doing this? But luckily as we approached Loweswater the weather was a lot clearer. The western lakes always seem to have better weather.

Ray suggested doing Burnbank first as the beck we would need to cross would be in full flow due to the recent weather. Much better to do at the end so less walking with wet feet. We set off and Ray treated me to a poem referencing my imminent helicopter flight.

Loweswater was looking simply stunning.



From Loweswater, we went up the steep ascent through Holme wood. I could feel my unfitness as I huffed and puffed my way up the hill. From the exit of the forest, we had a view stop before another steep ascent up the fence line. Another poetry treat from Ray http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-road-not-taken/


Soon the summit of Burnbank was in sight. My 200th Wainwright!



From here it was a short undulating walk over to Blake fell.


A short divert off the path to take in the view down to Cogra moss. Was definitely worth the divert.



The path over to Gavel was again undulating and it was here we decided to have a bait stop. Looking over towards Carling Knott wondering why it wasn’t a Wainwright.




On the walk over to the final summit of the day. Gary suggested a shortcut! This was a very boggy shortcut!!
Hen comb is a lovely summit with gorgeous views across Melbreak( our final one) towards Grasmoor and Whiteside.



From here it was the steady descent back towards the pub.

As we approached Mosedale beck as Ray said it would be, it was certainly in full flow. Gary rolled up his trousers and waded through. My turn, a jump across to a dry stone but before working out how to cross. I heard Ray and Dave shout “wait”. Next thing I’m being carried across the fast flowing by Dave and Ray! Who says chivalry is dead?!


A short walk back to the pub and our walkers reward.


Another 4 ticked off and only 11 to go….
It was a tease seeing Melbreak which is to be our final one 🙂 just need the weather to play nicely to get the remaining ones done.


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