Saving the best till last – my 40 at 40 list completed

When I first started thinking about my things to put on my 40 at 40 list, flying in a helicopter was high up on it. To see hills I’ve climbed from a birds eye view was a must.

Whilst completing my list I’ve been completely humbled by people’s generosity. So many things on my list have been donated or friends have said “I can sort that or know someone who can help”.

I’m very lucky with this item that I have a friend who has a share in a helicopter. I have known Chris for many years and a quick message and he said of course I’d love to do this for you.

It had been planned for last September but a spell of bad weather, timings and then a problem with the gearbox put paid to that. Chris kept me updated with the progress of the repair and finally a few weeks ago it was fixed.

Plan was for the Sunday, but woke up to thick fog, gutted but Chris said Monday is looking not too bad. Monday morning he rang to say it’s a go, I was in the south lakes on business so we said keep in touch and I’ll do it in my lunchbreak! Appointments done and was off to meet Chris and fellow owner Steve.

The helicopter was like something from Magnum not surprising as Chris is slightly obsessed with that programme.

I was so excited plus a little overwhelmed that I was about to complete my list and what a thing to end with.




Seatbelt click, headphones on, obligatory pre flight checks and we were ready to fly. The weather was clear but it was getting windy so this restricted the flight to the south lakes. Off we went.





I was just grinning from ear to ear and was just overwhelmed by the birds eye view of the lakes. Thankful to my ex husband for dragging me up here to live nearly 25 years ago. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Recognising hills I’ve climbed and just taking in the sheer beauty of it all. I was snapping away and posted over 100 pictures to Facebook! Here are some of my favourite ones!









So a flight took me up Lake Windermere to the Langdales, over Skelwith towards Coniston, Grizedale and then back towards Newby Bridge to land.

Time flew so quickly, no pun intended!! Unfortunately due to the winds couldn’t venture up into the northern lakes but Chris said he would take me out again. Can’t wait.

A truly magical experience which will stay with me forever. Thank you so much to Chris and Steve for making this happen. 🙂




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