Ice skating – a tick off my fabulist

I love how my fabulist inspires people to get involved. This item was added by my friends two girls Erin and Niamh. It took nearly all year to organise but finally got round to it.
I hadn’t been ice skating since I was about 10 when I went on on a youth club outing.
The nearest place was Blackburn, I’d never been to Blackburn some say this is not a bad thing. Luckily as it was the end of the school holidays it was not as busy as anticipated.
So we met two very excited children, boots on and they are not the most comfortable things in the world.



So we all tentatively headed into the ice, not venturing too far from the safety of the barrier. But soon like riding a bike, it comes back and soon Tracey and I were skating round. It was great fun but extremely hard work. As time went on, the girls got their confidence too.



A great afternoon and as you will see in my YouTube video I can still do the splits!!

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