To the dogs

This is a delayed blog post as I actually did this back in February. My first foray into racing and because I’ve heard that it’s a good night out, that’s why it made it onto my new list.
Being a social butterfly things need to be booked in the diary. So a date was set and we were venturing to the dogs at Belle Vue in Manchester with friends Alan and Cath.

So we were going “posh” in dog racing terms and doing the full sit down dinner with table betting. The food was surprisingly good, nothing startling but just good honest food.

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to gambling so I tentatively did small each way bets. Turns out, my approach of what colour their coat was, did I have an infinity with the name was a winning formula and over the night came out £85 on top! Result.

Unfortunately I was in the early grips of girl flu coupled with afternoon cocktails meant I actually fell asleep at the table. Waking up to place my bets and collect my winnings. It’s s thing I do fall asleep in public or at people’s houses, it’s not a reflection on them being dull and boring but that I’m relaxed or completely knackered. Now people are offended if I don’t ;).

People have their views for and against dog racing as with other sports. I enjoyed my night at the races and look forward to going to the horse races next.




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