A very soggy penultimate wainwright walk

I’ve found with the latter Wainwrights we have done it’s become a bit of a chore. When you first start on your wainwright adventure you have so many hills to do. All the ones we had left were in the Western Fells which is quite a drive from Kendal. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, should’ve done these when there was more light.
Coupled with this, there is the pressure as to when our last one would be taking place. It’s difficult to plan with Lakeland weather, we only want to do it when the weather is good. We decided on Melbreak when we had about 40 Wainwrights to go. Thought we’d better choose one to end on. Melbreak looks like a proper mountain standing proudly, guarding the Kirkstile Inn. Plus having a great pub to celebrate in afterwards was a bonus too.
Before we could plan for our last one, we still had 2 to do, Great Borne and Starling Dodd.
The weather was forecasted to turn around 3pm so thought had plenty of time to have done the walk before it came in.
We arrived at the Bowness Knott car park on the shores of Ennerdale water. Boots on and off we go. As we were putting our rucksacks on, a fellow walker asked where we were off? He was on round 4 of the Wainwrights!! He said he’d finished his first round on Melbreak.

As we set off, thought we’d be ok but then the cloud came down. The path was steep at times but well defined. Though at points in the conditions the path was treacherous. The conditions were not good for my mood. I was just gutted that I couldn’t see anything as that is where I get my enjoyment. If I’ve slogged up a mountain I want a view! But that was not going to be happening today.
Through the cloud made out the trig point which meant we were on top of Great Borne.



A small descent and a good defined path over to Starling Dodd. The clouds were down but every now and again had a tease of a view of the nearby hills. Melbreak our last hill peaking out.




A slight climb up and the distinct summit of Starling Dodd came into view.




The weather was getting worse and just wanted to be back at the car. The path off the summit descended down towards the forest. Finally down to the forest road and a long 2 1/2 mile walk back to the car park. It felt a lot further.
Back at the car and we were soaked. A short drive to the Kirkstile Inn, a warming bowl of soup and s walkers reward.

These hills will be going on the ‘revisit’ list of hills I haven’t had s view on! Hill list app updated and just one to go, date to be confirmed…..




  1. One more Wainwright to go. Where to from there? I hope this is not the end of your blogs as I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your travells.

    1. Gina says:

      Thats lovely to hear. Still lots of adventures to have, Howgills to explore, favourites to revisit, ones i didnt get a view on too. Will keep me busy 🙂

  2. Mark Gilligan says:

    Nearly there and a great achievement Gina!

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