Another year draws to an end and it’s true the older you get the quicker it passes. It’s fair to say I’m a doer and this year has been testament to that.

After an amazing 2013 doing my 40@40 list, I thought it would be hard to beat but 2014 has been full of adventure.

I like New Year as I’ve said before it’s like a clean slate. Starting a new clean exercise book at school.

So how did I get on with last years resolutions??

2014 resolutions
Finish my 40@40 list
I finally did my helicopter flight in October. It was such an amazing experience. The lakes looking breathtaking from my birds eye view.

Complete the races I’ve entered – I did the main one I entered The Brathay marathon. This was an extremely tough one and got heatstroke! But I was proud to complete in 5:05 and even better that my family and friends were at the finish line to cheer me on.

Complete the wainwrights The weather has been great this year and have done 98 Wainwrights leaving one to do. I make no apologies for being a fair weather walker. The weather gods have not been good recently but hoping to do on Sunday 3rd.

Lose weight As most women, I’ve lost, gained and lost again!! With rediscovering my running mojo the weight has started to shift again, this is good as I currently have an addiction to Booths mince pies!

Be easier on myself and see what other people see in me. This is still work in progress. For someone who is outwardly confident underneath I’m not, constantly comparing myself to others and overthinking. My friend said she’s going to text me everyday until I start to believe it myself.

Get my 40 list published into a book This is still rumbling away.

So what for 2015
Finish the Wainwrights

Complete London marathon – got a charity place, fingers crossed no injuries this time.

Revisit Wainwrights I didn’t get a view on. I counted up and there’s about 20 which is not bad, especially living in the wettest place in the uk!

Walk in the Howgills – after meeting Alison the bare foot shepherdess, she inspired me to finally go and walk there.

Conquer my fear of water and do the Great North Swim. This is a big thing for me as I only learnt to swim in my late twenties. So whilst I can swim I have a crippling fear of being out of my depth.

Dartmoor – a few of my social hiking friends rave about the walking down here so a must visit this year.

Personal – continue to try and see myself as others see me. Lose weight! Why can’t all the naughty things be low calorie??

Continue ticking off random things off my new fabulist list for life!

So Happy New Year and a fun packed 2015. What are your New Years resolutions?



  1. Gina I have had a great year of reading of your experiences and am looking forward to more of the same. I hope you, and all your family and friends have a great New-Year and all the best for 2015.

  2. Gina says:

    That’s very kind of you to say, I think 2015 will be full of adventure too!! Happy New year to you and your family 🙂

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