My review of the year January – March 2014

Last year was a busy exciting year and people said how are you going to beat that in 2014?? As you will read it’s been quite a full year full of adventures.

This year I have become tired with smiling sweetly when people have read my posts on Twitter, Facebook or in real life and said obviously without thinking “it’s easy for you to do that as you don’t have kids” It’s so hurtful as I don’t have kids not because of a lifestyle choice because my body won’t let me. Hurtful comments like that make me want to punch people in the face but apparently society frowns upon that kind of behaviour! As you know I have 2 amazing stepsons who I adore and have shared in my adventures this year. I could sit around feeling sorry for myself instead I grasp onto life and live it. Not a day goes by when I don’t think what if? I could be dead tomorrow so I will continue to have lots of adventures.

I like the 1st of January, fresh start to the year. I stated the day with a very wet and windy run. Needed to rediscover my running mojo as I’d entered the Brathay marathon. As my ex father in law told me “it doesn’t get easier you just go faster!”.

As you know I’m a doer so January saw a meeting of the First Ladies of Twitter for a night at Langdale country club. A walk, dinner and lots of giggles ensued.


I had lots of races planned but didn’t feel fit enough for the first one so friends Simon and Liz said come over stay at theirs in Hawkshead. Lovely dinner followed by my first official outlying wainwright Latterbarrow.

Other hills this month were the ones missed when we attempted not quite the Coledale horseshoe. I must say the North Western fells are probably my favourites. The usual suspects turned up and another fab day in the hills.



All this doing and was time for some downtime and a week in Egypt doing just that. I do love the sunshine.



Back from holidays and a weekend in Manchester with a friend. Afternoon drinking is very bad for you. Slightly hungover decided to go on the Manchester wheel. Amazing views of a favourite city.


Was back down to Manchester the following week to stay with friends and go to the dog racing. I was coming down with girl flu so kept falling asleep. But I did manage to wake up to collect my winnings!


The end of the month saw a trip down to see friends Tanya and Paul in Tunbridge Wells. Completely fell in love with the place. True friendship is arriving at your friends and being handed a glass of prosecco and the wifi code.




Girl flu done and dusted and running was progressing well. Managing a couple of 15 mile runs.

A few more Wainwrights ticked off. First was the Sadgill horseshoe, the weather was not great but did improve.


Had to do High Rigg twice as first time went to the Birkett summit and not the Wainwright one! Weather was better on the second time!


They say size isn’t everything and this was the case with Holme Fell. It’s a great little hill.

My old school friend Rich came up for the spring beer festival and some walking. Good beer was enjoyed.

I did forgive him for making me climb Bowfell in the cloud!

The following day did some tidy up fells with Ray. I love Ray he’s the poet laureate of the fells. What he doesn’t know about the hills isn’t worth knowing!


I was ahead of my time and Dave bought me a “selfie stick”. Perfect accessory for the self confessed selfie queen!

The no make up selfie, though I don’t wear very much anyway.

I had another article printed in a magazine.

Got to see my best friend Lisa and her lovely children Charlie and Holly.

I dread the day when Holly is too big for cuddles.
End of the Month and Dave’s birthday saw us have a trip to London to stay with his brother and family.
A lovely meal in Highgate which Jake came to join us for. My aunty duties teaching my nieces how to perfect the selfie!



We also met Dave’s old friend who was over in London from Russia where he now lives. They had seen each other for 20 years.

Finally visited the Tower of London, such a fantastic place and was overwhelmed seeing the Royal jewels.



To be continued……

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