My review of the year October – December 2014

Autumn here already but the weather was anything but seasonal.
But it was the month where I finally got to do the last thing on my 40@40 list. A helicopter flight over the lakes. It was an amazing experience.
The cloud was coming in so couldn’t fly over the whole of the Lake District, but did have a great flight up over the Langdales. Was amazing to see the lakes from such a birds eye view.


The only walking I managed this month was in the western fells. 3 more done and I discovered that chivalry was not dead. Ray and Dave carried me over a steam! This only left 10 more Wainwrights to go.



The weather was not great in October so alternate adventures instead.
Lovely walk and lunch in Kirkby Lonsdale with The Winkleys. I do love Kirkby Lonsdale.


The weather faired better in Cheshire and had a trip to Dunham Massey. There was a WW1 exhibition on, it left you with goosebumps imagining what they went through.



You know it’s autumn when it’s the Kendal Beer Festival. This year in my day job as coffee girl was asked to join forces with local Brewers to produce food/beer matches. I was paired with Brian from the Watermill at Ings, my chocolate brownies were pimped up with Coffee and his Shihtzu beer served with shots of the beer. It’s fair to say it was a success as the Brownies were all scoffed.

Finally got to visit Pedros in Kendal with my stepson and Girlfriend. It’s a brilliant place and you get to wear a tash and sombrero.


End of the month saw my brother in law come up for the weekend. We had already booked tickets for the Wainwright society’s annual talk. I know I’m sounding like a geek but it was incredibly interesting as Alison the bare foot shepherdess was doing the talk. The first woman ever to do so. It was a great night followed by drinks in Penrith.



After months of planning, it was time to do something off my new fabulist. Go ice skating with Erin and Niamh. I had not been since I was about 10. Like riding a bike you never forget!



With only a few Wainwrights to go, it was over to as far west as Wainwright ventured. With the exception of Crag Fell which had great views down to Ennerdale the other 2 were a trudge. But now down to single figures!


Another walk this month was probably my favourite of the year. We did High Crag, Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike ticking them off for us and celebrating Dave’s 60th birthday! Not my Dave’s! It was such a lovely day the weather un seasonable warm. Prosecco and Brownies perfect 🙂


The last walk of the month was Caw fell and Haycock from Wasdale. Another warm day though very windy on the tops. Leaving only 3 to go.



Had multiple trips South this month. First was a long overdue trip to Brighton to see Jane my husbands cousin and family.

A family lunch in London on our way back meant a brief catch up with my youngest.

Only to be back South in a couple of weekends. I had planned “doing London in style” with my friend Cate back in February. We had a great time, cocktails a plenty, breakfast at the Shard was a totally fabulous weekend.





How can it be December already?? The year has gone in a blur. As I’ve been writing this, cannot quite believe how much we have packed in.
In a quest to get the Wainwrights done , we did what I vowed I would never do and do them in awful weather. To be fair the weather looked promising as we set off but then it came in and boy did it! I was in such a bad mood and I admit had a mini meltdown hissy fit. Luckily we had made up by the first summit and laughed about it. These are definitely on the re visit list.


The coca cola waggon was nearby so to get into the Christmas spirit went to see it with my sister. It was a bit disappointing as was much smaller than I imagined but still fun to see.


First of the snow came, whilst I love snow it’s not the nicest thing to drive in. Plus need to put my emergency wellies back into the car as heels do not make good footwear in said conditions!


Running mojo was finally back, I’m happy with my running and looking forward to starting my marathon training for London in April.



It was the first black tie Twitter do, I organised as apparently I’m good at that kinda thing. Was an amazing night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Already booked for next year!





Had another trip to London to see our coffee broker. We are so lucky having a brilliant train service to London. A nice day and a brief look at the sights before heading home.




Christmas again, I love the family traditions we have. Now include going to the pub as the kids have got older. Was a lovely day. The weather was awful and put paid to Boxing Day fell walk.



Another family day out but to Manchester on the train for drinks and food. I love Manchester. A brilliant day out.








New Year’s Eve passed by, met friends Adam and Terry for early evening drinks.


Then home for nice dinner of my favourite rare steak and then the inevitable happened we fell asleep!!!

So there you are my year, thank you for reading. Hope you had a lovely festive period and all things good for the year ahead. Already shaping up to be another busy year.

A new year brings with it 365 opportunities to be happy, make mistakes, belly laugh, do something exciting, and tell people you love them. So make it count! It’s your best seller x

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