Hallin Fell – The final one for Ria

Hallin fell is a great hill and was my first official wainwright when I started from scratch in Jan 2012.  Earlier this year when walking with Ria, we were having a count up of ones she had left and more importantly what would she finish on?! We said to her Hallin was a great fell and one that her husband Bob (who doesn’t do fellwalking) would enjoy. I said it would be great to go to The Howtown hotel afterwards but if she wanted to do that, had to be ready for final one before the end of October, as the hotel shuts for winter. So with this in mind Ria ticked of the remaining ones and a date was set for the final one! 

As the Twitter walking group social secretary, I said to Ria I would sort it. A few messages and there was 22 and 3 dogs turned up to walk the final wainwright. After squeezing all the cars in the lay-bys just past the Howtown hotel. We set off. 

The plan was to walk round the lake and zig zag our way to the summit. The weather gods were being nice and Ullswater was looking rather lovely. 

 As we made our way along the group split up as we all caught up with each other. 

I had forgotten what a steep drag it was up but that just meant plenty of view stops! 

 Soon the summit was in sight, June and Graham were waiting for us on the top as got delayed travelling down. 

Summit touched and another member of the 214 club. Time to get out the prosecco and brownies!! 

 It is a fabulous summit. Lots of pictures before heading off. 

It’s only about a 15 walk back down to the car and then to the Howtown hotel for walkers reward. 

 Welcome to the club Ria 👏🏻

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