Yet another year draws to an end, 2015 has been yet another busy one and I find myself being more reflective than usual. I sometimes want to press the pause button as time passes so quickly. It has been quite a year and quite a tough one personally. For those who read my blogs, you will have seen my post on dealing with depression.
It has been hard and is an ongoing battle. Counselling has finished and now the tough work begins. It is not easy and what has been nice, is the level of support of strangers saying how my story echoed theirs. So with resolutions in mind how did this years go…. 

Finish the Wainwrights

My 214 journey culminated on the 4th January climbing Melbreak with 22 friends and 3 dogs to complete my first round of the ticklist of hills called the Wainwrights. It was a gorgeous day and Melbreak is now one of my favourite hills. I love how it stands majestically looking down to one of my favourite Lakeland pubs The Kirkstile Inn.

London Marathon

Training for the marathon was tough and extra tough with personal things I was going through. But grit and determination got me through. The London marathon is one of those really special things which I am lucky to have run 3 times now. There is no better feeling than running across Tower Bridge and the noise from the cheers hits you. I ran the marathon for Brathay trust which is a local charity to me. I managed to raise just short of £5000, so a huge thank you to all my sponsors.

Revisit Wainwrights I didn’t get a view on

The weather this year has been shocking. I make no bones about being a fair weather walker, living in the Lake District gives me that luxury.

Walk in the Howgills

Again horrible weather when I had the time to go fell walking. So this is still on the list.

Conquer my fear of water and being out of my depth

This is still ongoing, I was away on holiday when the Great North Swim was on. My physio Sue said she would help me with this one.

Personal – lose weight and try and see myself as others do

I love food that’s why I run. Who wants to shag a washboard anyway? I have lost weight again, still wobbly bits to tone up but wobbly bits are the fun bits! As I said before it has been quite a year personally. It’s been hard to not have as many “Gina” rules as how I should behave. It’s ok not to be perfect and to say I am really not happy about things. Work in progress.

Do things off my fabulist

Managed 1 thing off my list and that was go to a Roller Disco, was brilliant fun. Roller skating is like riding a bike you never forget!

Resolutions for 2016

Running challenges 

Set myself quite a few tasks this year. First is the Grizedale marathon in February, then London marathon in April, the first Brathay half marathon in May culminating in the Lakeland 50 mile trail run in July. I am tired just typing that and start to get a little overwhelmed with the task ahead. But this girl can!!

Conquer my fear of water

Hopefully with the help of friends will get this done this year.

Revisit Favourite Wainwrights/ones I didn’t get a view on

Hopefully the weather will be kinder this year. This will probably not get done until later in the year after I have done the Lakeland 50.

Be kinder to myself

I have a book which I am working my way through called “Show yourself Compassion” As my councillor said it is about re training your brain and this takes time.  Getting it wrong at times is the only way to learn.

Do more off my Fabulist

So what are your resolutions? Whatever they are have fun and here’s to a fun filled 2016.


  1. rclarke015 says:

    Gina, I follow your marvellous tweets with great interest but I am afraid I didn’t know about the battles you’ve been going through . You write witty updates and post funny pictures and you have a lovely smile. You seem to do so much – doing a marathon and climbing hills as well as everything else . I do think that the maxim of being easier on judging yourself applies – you are obviously admired by so many people already so you must have something special. May I wish you a very contented 2016 x

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