My review of the year – October – December 2015

The final instalment, I’m exhausted writing this. Definitely lots of things packed in this year.


Finally a bit of good weather so a fell fix was in order. Doing Halls Fell ridge had been on the to do list all year. Ray and Stewy came along too. Though Stewy said he gets terrible vertigo, but with brownies and me holding his hand he  should be ok. Was a great scramble up and I did have a blonde moment when stood on the hill. I said are we going onto Blencathra? Gina what are you stood on!! Cue lots of laughter, in my defence it was cloudy when last there. For such a great mountain the summit marker is just a metal marker on the ground. We collected a waif on the way up called Rob. He wasn’t sure what route he was going to do so said come with us. That’s the great thing about being in the hills is kindness of strangers.  

Summit Selfie

I added a new tattoo to my collection. Wendy who has done 2 other tattoos for me is just so brilliant. I think that will be it now for me.  5 is enough. 

A cheeky mid week meet up with my friend Jan for dinner. Meeting halfway in Lancaster.  

Friends were opening a new brewery tap in Kendal. It’s such a quirky building mixing heritage with industrial. It’s great to have a new local ish to go to. Their brew Swan Black is my favourite. 

 Finally got to meet Jacob, my friend Tanya’s baby.  

Plan b’s are always better. The weather kept changing by its mind. Had set off to go fell walking but the cloud just kept descending so thought lets go to Lodore Falls and visit the Wainwright exhibition at Keswick museum. Friends Stu and Paula were about so came to join us.  


 It was time for Ria to join the 214 club. Even her husband Bob who doesn’t do fell walking came along. I love Hallin fell as was my first official Wainwright.  


Was very lucky to be given a night to stay at The Duke of Portland boathouse on the shores of Ullswater. I’ve driven past and taken the shot of this iconic place hundreds of times. So was always intrigued to what it was like inside. It’s great staying away but that’s not that far from home. With the recent floods, the house has been ruined which is so sad.

Good morning Lake District

Our god daughter Erin came for a sleepover. You know you’ve done a good job when she says “I don’t want to go home and can I come again?”. A trip to the Wildlife oasis, strictly come dancing and Brownies. She was a delight to have.  

  Having visited countless times with work, finally went to visit Blackwell arts and crafts house in Bowness. It is a wonderful house and nice playing a tourist in your home county.  

A few weeks ago I had said to Niamh and Erin I would take them trick or treating on Halloween. Any excuse to get dressed up! I even got some sweets too.


My first race since completing the London marathon earlier this year. Was unseasonably warm for the time of year. Ran in a vest! Was a great course and pleased with 2:05.  

Gotta love bling

A trip to Cheshire with work and a late lunch catch up with Hayley. Couldn’t not have the obligatory pouting selfie!  

Played tourist again and finally visited Abbot hall art gallery in Kendal. The hall itself is incredibly interesting and the Canaletto exhibition which was on was fantastic.  

Fireworks night and off to Hawkshead to stay with friends Si and Liz.  The firework display is famous locally and didn’t let us down. Was nice to see a traditional bonfire too.  

Lots of catch ups with friends. Dinner and quiz with the Wilsons. Thankfully we didn’t come last.  

Dinner with Sid and Nancy. It’s scary where time goes as known each other for over 20 years. I remember Nancy saying when we were out once. “We could pass for 29” I said I’d hope so as I am 29. Cue lots of giggles.  

Storm Abigail arrived and put paid to my trail run date so was breakfast with Ria and Bob instead!

A trip to London to see The Pennington southern branch. When we visit London always try to do a touristy thing. This time we did The Churchill war rooms. It was fascinating and what a man Churchill was.

A brilliant exhibition

Lovely to see the family and nice lunch before heading home.  

A tick of my fabulist. When i did the Lancaster half marathon saw a flyer for a roller disco. Was brilliant fun. Roller skating is like riding a bike, you never forget how to glide.  

In between storms there were a few nice days on my coffee girl travels.

Church in Dent


Derwent Water – Queen of the Lakes



The year nearly over, it’s gone very quickly. Domestic goddess time to cook for friends Dave and Romy. This dinner date was pencilled in months ago. A lovely evening, I love cooking for  people.

December was an incredibly wet month with 5 named storms in as many weeks. The rain was and still is relentless. Roads became rivers.  Utterly devastating for the area.

My friend Jan came to stay for a few days. Lots of laughs ensued and a lot of wine.  

The second Twitter black tie do was here. I love getting dressed up. Was another successful fun night and raised money for Brathay trust and Bladder cancer.  


Never too young for a selfie



Hardcore crew partying and last to bed

Christmas was nearly upon us. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas but I do love putting the tree up and always end up buying a new trinket for the tree.

It was my friend Kate’s surprised 40th birthday party. I was very impressed that she could still do the splits!!

Pre Christmas drinks with Sarah. I was retro and had a snowball. Though it’s so heavy definitely could only manage one.

Christmas was here, nibbles with Dean, Aimee, Jake and Joe on Christmas eve.

Then my sister joined us on Christmas Day.  

Another storm arrived on Boxing Day but there was a window in the weather the day after, so headed up to Scouts Scar. I think everyone else had the same idea as was packed with people enjoying the fair weather. Scouts scar is a very special place as Dave’s mums ashes are scattered under a tree near the mushroom.


So excited it’s not raining


My best friend Lisa and family were down at her mums in Gaisgill. So was nice to be invited for dinner and spend the evening with them.

Was nice to finally meet Ally and Paul for a run. I wasn’t running well and that night fell ill with girl flu. I was grateful to the boys for having patience with me being a slow coach.

Finally got to take Erin for her belated birthday treat of having her toenails painted. One happy girl with blingy toenails.   New phone arrived just in time to say goodbye to 2015. Loving the iPhone 6s.  

So there we are 2015 filled with lots of memories. Ended the year feeling a lot better with the world. Thank you to all who have been there for me and helped create memories throughout the year.

Lots planned for 2016, read my resolutions here

Hope you all have a happy 2016 and thanks for reading xx

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  1. What a great review of 2015 Gina. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts this past year and look forward to more of the same in 2016.

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