3 times a champ 

I’m no stranger to being on Radio Cumbria. Usually to promote a running challenge I’m currently doing. A few months ago they rang to ask if I would do the Biz quiz.  They usually have a theme of who’s on that week. As I’m a blogger, I was pitting my brains against fellow Cumbrian blogger Beth. Unfortunately I lost by one point. I don’t like losing. 

How many times when you hear quizzes on the radio are you shouting and screaming the answers. It’s much harder doing it on the spot as your mind goes blank. Questions are only easy if you know the answers. 

So I was invited back on for their free for all Friday biz quiz. It’s winner stays on up to a maximum of 3 wins. This time I was on a winning streak and got my Biz quiz triple win crown. 

So thank you guys for inviting me on. Just waiting for my third certificate. 



  1. Barry says:

    And it was me you were up against that second time. And you deservedly won. I’m happy with my two certs, glad you got the hat trick.

    1. Gina says:

      Aww thank you 🙂

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