A tick off my fabulist – visit Amsterdam 

Going to Amsterdam has been on my to do list for quite some time. It is great it is such a short flying time and the transport system in Amsterdam makes it so easy to explore the city.An incredibly early start mean we were at the hotel by 11am, no time for duty free in the airport but I did spot a MAC shop and treat myself to a new lipstick. You can never have too many red lipsticks.  

Instantly I fell in love with the architecture and feel of the city. Google maps is a godsend!! With the power of social media a friend said you must try Bubbles and Wine a champagne bar. So we did.

 One thing I enjoy is eating and drinking my way round a city. Fuelled by bubbles is was onto more sightseeing. You do have to watch your step as there are bicycles everywhere.

The weather was not great, cold and crisp one moment followed by showers. There is so much to do. Here are some of the things we did:

Canal Cruise – couldn’t believe how many houseboats there were. There are so many canals. Always interesting viewing the city from a different prospective.


Anne Frank’s house – this was a very moving museum. To think of them trapped in that house, yearning to feel the wind in their hair and breath in fresh air.

Van Gogh museum – a really interesting exhibition. I had no idea to the extent of his work. I love the sunflower painting, painted when he had a sunnier disposition.  


 Red light district – walked through here completely oblivious to its more salubrious undertones during the day. Completely different at night. It felt a bit seedy seeing older men with much younger women.  

Sex museum – this was hilarious and a bargain at €4. It was interesting to see the early 1900 porn. This would’ve been very risqué and not quite as accepted as today. Everyone is a lot more open minded this days.


selfie with the ultimate sex goddess

Food and drink – as with most places I visit food and drink is a must.


Such a fab city and will definitely be back to visit again.


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