Curves rule 

I was reading a blog by a lady called Curvygirlthin and it inspired me to write this.

I think  we all wish we were just that little bit thinner well apart from those blessed with the skinny gene.  My love of all the things bad for me makes me curvy. I love food and drink  and a overactive knife and fork does not make you skinny.  My weight fluctuates, probably the same for most of the female population.   Having an under active Thyroid makes it hard at times to keep the weight off.  Why does everything which tastes so good have to be bad for me? Wobbly bits are the fun bits, who wants to shag a washboard?

People are so judgmental regarding size.  I encounter this all the time.  When most people meet me, they end up thinking my face is about 30 cm south from where it actually is.  Yes stop press I have boobs, they are not porn star huge, I don’t wear cleavage revealing tops (not that often) but yet you end up talking to them rather than my face.  When you meet someone for the first time, what do you see?  For me I always look into their eyes, you can tell a lot from people by looking into their eyes.

It doesn’t stop there, because of how I look, when I mention to people that I run and have completed marathons, they virtually eye roll.  One person even said “my daughter ran that in less time than you but then she is half your size” oh cheers for that.  Have a good sports bra and you can take on the world.  I don’t look like the typical runner,  but then  what is?  Does your size equate to level of fitness? No it doesn’t, well I don’t think so.  A mile ran is a mile ran whatever the time it takes you to do it.

With social media it does perpetuate this, is it right that I cannot post a picture without it being objectified? Yes it is flattering at times but it’s when it goes beyond that, not so much.  Maybe men are more forward than women?  If I see a picture and a guy looks fit and attractive, I would in my head think he’s hot and then move on without feeling the urge to message or bombard with requests of further more revealing pics.  There is the camp who I’m sure would say “if you post pictures you’re asking for that attention” but that is like saying “she was asking to be attacked because she’s dressed in a certain way”.  Maybe people are braver on the Internet?  People are much bolder on the keyboard than in real life it seems.

I have a really good friend, she has lost a staggering amount of weight and is still a curvy girl.  She was on a dating site and when she told a guy what dress size she was, he said I only date women who are a size 10-12 and you are too big for me.  When she relayed that to me I was livid.  How dare someone be so horrible!!  People don’t realise how hurtful they are with these throw away comments.

I guess what I am trying to say unless you are perfect yourself, don’t judge or if you do keep your thoughts to yourself.

Curves rule, most men would agree 😉




  1. Galestorm says:

    Excellent post!

    1. Gina says:

      Thank you 😊

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