Harris tweed exhibition 

I just love the look and feel of Harris tweed. Unfortunately I don’t own any yet :(. I needed to get to see the Harris tweed exhibition at Rheged, Penrith before it finished on the 15th May.  We are so lucky having the Rheged centre on our doorstep. It often has great exhibitions on and usually free. 


Beautiful pictures and lovely Harris tweed products. Alison O’Neil the shepherdess looking totally stunning in the photos. She is a brand ambassador for them and I have a slight girl crush on her. I think she is amazing. 

Beautiful pictures of Harris from  http://www.ianlawson.com 

The exhibition is beautiful. I was amazed that for such a world renowned brand, It is still created in the traditional way. Some of the weaving looms have been modified with bicycles to power them. All done in crofts around the island of Harris then sent in to be quality checked and finished. 

From croft to catwalk the men and women of the islands take great pride in their work, the results of which can be seen in every piece of Harris Tweed that leaves their shores.

‘A bheairt sin nach fhaighear ach cearr, ‘s e foighidinn as fhearr a dheanamh rithe’.

The loom that’s awry is best handled patiently



It is a really interesting exhibition and I’m glad I made the effort to visit. 


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