Challenge 70

Challenge 70, what’s that I hear you say? The Brathay charity which I’m an ambassador for, is celebrating its 70th anniversary. It is an amazing charity on the outskirts of Ambleside. Doing corporate work to offset the incredible work they do with vulnerable children and families. The long term effect this has on children helped is immeasurable. I was lucky to see for myself the work they do, when I was invited up for a thank you lunch after completed the London marathon for them last year. I saw a perfect example of their work; John Lewis were there doing a team building exercise, Prince of Wales trust were using the facility with a group of children and a vulnerable family were staying. The look on the little boys face as he excitedly stood on the shore in his wetsuit make me well up. My fundraising helping to make this happen. 

This is where you can help, the Brathay challenge 70 Is where you get given £70, you then use this money to make more money as a fundraiser for Brathay. You can do this anyway you wish!  There’s also the added incentive of winning an award at the end of the challenge. Brathay will be making awards for most money raised and most innovative fundraising ideas.

Here are some fundraising ideas for you, you have until September to raise as much money as possible….

Why not take your £70 and learn a new skill and then donate your earnings, here are some ideas….

Learn to sheep shear – learn a new and donate money you earnto your fund 

Learn to dry stone wall

Take a barbering course 

Do a deep tissue massage course – who doesn’t love a massage 

Buy face painting supplies and paint faces at local events 

Have an afternoon tea party – Ready to debate how to pronounce scone? Then why not host an afternoon tea, whether you do it at work, home or a local venue we are a nation of tea drinkers and so we are sure your event will prove popular. Get the cake stand at the ready. 

Eating competition – – How many doughnuts can you eat without licking your lips? How about crackers without water? When it comes to food there are lots of challenges to be set, particularly for fans of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!. You can raise money with entry fees or tie an eating competition into a larger event. Top tip: breaking records could help you gain press coverage and increase your fundraising (FYI the record eating a raw onion is 89 seconds)

Beard grooming 

Inspired by local auctioneers – take your money distribute between staff and use to buy items at car boot, then auction for a hopeful profit 

Have a classic coffee morning 

So get your thinking cap on and sign up to this challenge. The sky is the limit. 


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