Being social 

My name is Gina and I love social media, I love interacting with people, I find it fascinating how people act and I’ve made some very wonderful friends from it. It’s kinda like a virtual speed dating, on Twitter you are drawn to people with similar interests. 

Modern technology is great isn’t it? Being able to have the world quite literally in my palm of my hand, you can see everything. I love it well most of the time. You have a question, a thought, our default is “let’s ask google”(other search engines are available) to find the answer. We live at the edge of a button, the infinite source of answers.

Some of you reading this may be my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will see a glimpse of my life. Just recently I have become tired and maybe a bit pissed off by people comments. “You post a lot of pictures” “you’re always on Twitter” etc. Yes I do at times so what? But does that not mean that you are on there too to see that?  I think some need to remind themselves of what social media means.

I love photos and taking them. All of my childhood photos got throw away, I have a few rescued. So yes as a result of this I do post a lot of pictures and make a lot of Facebook albums, but so what?

I get “oh I don’t need to ask how you are, I see from what you post” yes I guess you do. But I only post a glimpse of my life as I’m not one of those “needy cryptic” posters. It’s not that I’m fake I just post what Im happy for the world to see. Believe me there are plenty of times when I could say lots but my in built filter kicks in and makes me put my phone down. Social media in no way replaces real life interaction in my opinion.

There are many, I call them the “lurkers” watching from afar, being nosy from the comfort of their keyboard. I don’t get why they do this? It’s much more fun getting involved, as I said the clue to social media is right there SOCIAL!

The only downside is, everyone has an opinion good or bad. Yes I know if you post things online, you are opening yourself up for comment or critics. But sometimes I post not for effect, or people to comment, it’s just to be cathartic just to put it out there, out of my brain. I guess I shouldn’t judge people by my own social media standards. If I see something I don’t like I just scroll past and do a virtual eye roll. Wish that more people could adopt the same attitude.

Why do we post on social media? To make people jealous of course! “Look at me I’m here, this is my view” All that said I still love it 95% of the time.


  1. David Hogarth says:

    Gina ,

    You should be our social media guru !!!!

    Good to read your blogs , don t let people get at you They re not worth bothering with

    Best wishes

    David X

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Gina says:

      It’s something I’m thinking about doing!!

  2. David Hogarth says:

    Thank you Gina !!!

    Another good read

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