I guess I can’t blame age for injuries, things just happen.  My physio Graham said you’ll find as you get older (he was ducking when he muttered these words to me) you can still do things but it takes longer to recover.  This is so true.  Ageing sucks!

I was gutted when on Easter Saturday whilst out on a training run for the London marathon, I tore my calf muscle and it set the wheels in motion to reevaluate my running aims this year.  I read that injuries are the “disease of excellence”, when you are striving to improve times putting more effort in, it can make you more prone to injury.  It’s fair to say that there is nothing worse than an injured runner.  Whinge, whinge, whinge moaning about not being able to get out fretting about losing fitness as the body heals.

With the London marathon only being a few weeks away at the time injury struck, it was hard but I had to make the tough decision to pull out.  I was gutted, the human body is an amazing thing but even this was a big ask to be healed and get running again.  In the back of my mind was the Lakeland 50 and the Brathay half marathon, I felt extra pressure as I was running as number 1 for the Brathay event and their poster girl.  I spent many a night willing there to be extra weeks before the events.  Working backwards from the event dates thinking and thinking again “will I be healed and start running to be ready to take part”.  It takes a message from a dear friend and a empathic husband to help you make the decision that I’m going to pull out of the Lakeland 50 and Brathay half.  A very heavy heart and after I stopped crying, thinking I was a failure, I realised it was the right decision.  In trying to recoup my lost training, with my competitiveness I would probably end up injured again.  It’s tough having to let go of your goals.

The silver lining is I have taken time out and it has renewed my desire to run.  What I have to do is to learn from this injury, to make me a better runner and hopefully not get injured again.  Recognising the warning symptoms and rather than running through, rest and let my body sort it.  Pushing through discomfort is acceptable, pain is different.  I am very lucky to have Sue at The Body Rehab in Staveley.  She is rebuilding me, though every time I go to see her another part of me seems to hurt.  I am allowed to try a run but I haven’t yet, a part of me is apprehensive about venturing out.  Scared of hurting myself again. In having a rest as been good for me, I can see that now. Sue is wanting video footage of me running so she can study my form, to see what I can do to improve and prevent future injuries. The Body Rehab is a fantastic place. They have been so helpful and supportive over the last 3 years I have been going there. Going that extra step. If you do as you’re told running injuries are just a temporary inconvenience.

My online family have been so supportive, words of encouragement, telling me to be patient. One of which suggested buying this book.

Tim said “this will help you and become your running bible”. He was right. It is a brilliant informative read, nodding my head whilst reading and making me think of my running style. How changes to how I run will make me a better runner. Tim has been so lovely, messaging to check that I’m reading and covered certain chapters. Giving words of support and encouragement. So a huge thank you.

It has been quite nice to have a break though enforced not by choice.  I like the structure of training, it’s nice not to be doing all the time.  I have been doing modified HIIT workouts to keep some degree of fitness. I have read that “Detraining” can be a positive thing. It is often viewed as a successful method of combating fitness or training plateaus. After the break, you may be able to achieve even higher levels of fitness after retraining. Here’s hoping!

So yes I’ve been disappointed, but the races aren’t going anywhere. My place for London has been rolled over and fingers crossed I get in to do the Lakeland 50 next year. I can come back faster and stronger, well that’s the plan.

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