Rannerdale Bluebells

| had not been to Rannerdale Knotts for 3 years to see the Bluebells.  Time marches on, I guess because there are so many Bluebell woods dotted around the south lakes, I didn’t feel the need to go.  It was such a beautiful evening that decided to go up after work and make the most of the lovely weather Mother Nature had bestowed on us.

Rannerdale Knotts is said to be the site of a battle between the native Cumbrians and Norsemens and the invading Normans in the late 11th or early 12th century.  The battle is thought to have taken place in the side valley of Rannerdale, which runs east of the summit of the fell, west of Whiteless Pike and south of Grasmoor. Bluebells grow in abundance in this valley in April and May. According to local folklore the bluebells are said to have sprung from the spilt blood of the slain Norman warriors.

Parking at the small National Trust car park under Rannerdale Knotts, it always astounds me when in such a small car park, people parking so inconsiderately, not maximising the space.  A complete pet hate of mine and I am sure some reading this will be nodding in agreement.

It was a short walk before your nasal senses were pricked with the heady floral scents of the bluebells.  A bed of purpleness before me, though I did think there were more on my previous visit.  I think the resident Herdy’s had scoffed them.

Regardless of that, I am glad I made the most of the evening and enjoyed my walk.  Made my fish and chips in Keswick afterwards calorie neutral!







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