Silver How with Friends

Another glorious day in prospect and was a shame not to be outside enjoying the weather.  June and Graeme (My proxy parents) were down staying in Grasmere, so we organised a walk.  Being the social secretary, I sent a facebook message round and there was going to be 16 of us, a dog and a baby.  Cue industrial sized Brownies to be baked.  As June and Graeme were staying in Grasmere, I suggested doing Silver How and see how everyone felt on that summit and take it from there.  Good idea was the consensus. 

The last time I was on Silver How was New Years Day 2013, it was a cold almost bleak at times day in contrast to today’s sunshine.  We met at Grasmere Garden centre and made our way to the well marked path opposite the Faeryland.  I was still recovering from my torn calf muscle a few weeks previously, I could feel it as we made our way up.  Lots of view stops and as Tanya has announced she was pregnant again, they were welcome.  This would be Jakey’s 4th Wainwright.  Think I prefer his ascent being on his dad’s back.

It was great to see everyone and to be out.  The path splits and so did the group.  One group taking the direct steeper path and the other group opting for the more gentile ascent.  I was in the latter.  When I was doing the Wainwrights it was all about getting to the summit asap and maximum bagging in the day, now I just want to enjoy and really savour the views.  Plus I was feeling extremely unfit.

Soon the summit was in sight, 360 views.  Perfect place for a bait stop.  When the other went, I decide to inflict my newly found “sports action” facility on my camera on my friends.  I love these pictures and we had a giggle doing them.

Half of the group decided to go on, whilst me and the rest decided we would head back down via Allan Bank.  This was a lovely descent and I had never walked that way before.  Lovely view of Grasmere to keep us company.

this being carried is hard work

Soon the pub was in sight.  Pub of choice was Tweedies at Dale Lodge.  Excellent array of real ales.  We rearranged the garden to accommodate us all!!

So nice to back out in the hills with great company.  Thank you all. 


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