No so Callus

My poor feet do take some abuse with what I put them through. They are giving a sigh of relief as its Birkenstock season, a respite from heels. Though since I tore my calf a couple of months ago, I have been trying to wear heels less as its not good for my calf muscles. 

Summer season here and my feet or rather my heels are not in a great state. I have drawers of potions and creams to banish cracked skin but never use them consistently. I can imagine a few of you reading this will be nodding in agreement. I saw a post on Facebook for a callous peel, promising the banishment of dry horrible skin. A Google search and found it was Peacock Beauty in Kendal. I had to go and try this out.

Elly is so lovely and explained the procedure. First of all an acid peel would be applied to the ball of my foot and the heel. Wrapped in cling film and left for 10 minutes. Then removed, dead skin scrapped off and then soaked, scrubbed and moisturised.


Tools of the trade

The peel patches was cold but was perfect as the weather was cracking the flags.

All wrapped up

I’m always quite interested in what come off. There was a lot of skin, it didn’t hurt just was a bit ticklish at points. A soak in foot salts,scrub and massage. It’s such a relaxing treatment and nearly fell asleep. Feet dried, then lots of moisturiser massaged in before feet submerged into heated booties.

Silky soft feet

Feet were super smooth. I still have a few dry cracks on my heels. It’s a treatment not a miracle worker, it’s removed a lot more dry skin than I could at home. So I’m determined to treat my feet a little better and get my feet holiday ready. Going to book in for another treatment in a couple of weeks. Who doesn’t like a pamper?!

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