Walk up Tarn Crag

Friends Hayley and Jon were up at their house in Grasmere, another gorgeous day so decided to kill several birds at once as the saying goes.  Have a  catch up, walk and bag a Wainwright.  It had been ages since I had been up the Easedale Valley as the hills up here were some of the first ones I did.  We decided that we would park in a woodland car park on the way up to Lancrigg as would save the mile or so walk back to their house.  Plus would get to the pub quicker afterwards.

There was not a soul around which is why I love going out in the evening, having the hills to ourselves.  It was still warm enough for short sleeves though this did mean we got eaten alive by the dreaded midges.  The obligatory ‘We are off’ photo and we did just that.  

Taking the path through the hotel and heading as if we were going to Helm Crag, then the path veered to the left taking us up the Easedale valley.  It was an easy gentle climb up a beautiful valley with Helm crag on the right of us keeping us company. Over the Bridge at Easedale gill and the valley climbed in front of us.  

The planned walk took us to the head of the valley before climbing to get to the summit.  Time was marching on so we took a short cut up.  It was a calf burning steep climb and my pictures don’t reflect this.  A few view stops en route.  I’ve said before I am a huge fan of these.

Tarn crag is a lovely summit, you feel as if you are right in the middle of the lakes.  I know technically you are not before someone states the obvious.  It was still lovely and warm and amazing views down to Grasmere and Windermere in the background.  

Perfect place to have our picnic dinner.  It has to be said that Hayley packs a cracking picnic, delicious sandwiches and Cider.  I did say on the way up, I was so busy that I had forgotten the obligatory brownies.  Bad Gina, don’t think I will live that one down at least Mr Kipling came to the rescue with Bakewell slices.  

Few pics and off we went.

The path down was well marked towards Easedale Tarn.  I think the walk to Easedale Tarn is one of the most popular walking routes.  The sun was starting to go a lovely shade of pink.

From Easedale Tarn we found an alternative maybe more direct route down.  A path that none of us had been on before.  It was surprisingly boggy in parts after the spell of dry weather we’d recently experienced.

It was getting dusk and we wondered if we would get to Tweedies  Bar in the village for last orders.  The pace quickened and we made it just in time for our walkers reward.

Another lovely walk with friends and another Wainwright ticked off.

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