Road to recovery 

Starting running again after a break is hard. Not running for several weeks and starting again due to injury, starting from what feels like scratch again feels horrible. Luckily my calf has healed well and it’s time to be brave and venture out. 

It’s so hard and yes I’m going to use that word a lot over the next few weeks!! Going out, struggling to run 2 miles without feeling as if I’m going to die.  Being a sweaty, pink, panting mess.  That overwhelming feeling of being unfit, cursing yourself for getting injured and thinking I could run X amount of miles easily pre injury. It’s so hard not to compare yourself to others. Feeling a pang of jealousy when they post on social media about their running exploits. Feeling inadequate that I’m doing as well.

So first running week back is done, it felt laboured but managed double figures in running miles. Ok it was only just, 10.1 miles in the bank. A friend said going out when it’s tough are the character building runs. Not giving up and just doing when you don’t want to.

Whilst I keep a record of miles run, I’m trying not to get obsessed with times. At the moment I’m just pleased to run pain free, to be out. Yes they are not my quickest runs but a mile is a mile run whatever the time.

After being videod running for my physio to ascertain why I was getting such problems in my calves. Turns out I run sticking my bum out, causing my quads and calves to take all the running stress. I’ve been making a conscious effort to walk day to day with better posture. I think being well endowed in the chest department makes me self conscious. It Feels showy to walk with my shoulders back. But I am and feel taller (every little helps when you’re a titch at 5ft5), trying to do the same whilst running. It’s hard to do when you’ve got bad habits but I’m trying.

As my physio said, stretching and warming up properly are key. It’s an unfortunate age thing that we are less stretchy as we age. I think my warm up and cool down took longer than the actual run.

So bring on week 2….will report back next week.

pic stop on my run

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