Levens Hall

This is another place which I have visited hundreds of times over the years with work but never ventured into as visitor.  It is a very impressive house.  The first part of the house dates back to the 1350’s and was added to over the years mainly in the Elizabethan times.  This is evident with the oak paneling and ornate plaster work.  Leather printed wallpaper adorns the walls and was a sign of wealth at the time. The leather wallpaper was restored a few years ago.

It is reported that the hall is haunted by a Grey Lady and people have claimed to have seen the ghost of a black dog who inhabits the stairs and an amicable lady in pink.  Luckily didn’t see any ghosts the day we visited.

Levens has a very large Topiary garden, this was first created by the French gardener Guillaume Beaumont in the 1690’s.  Beaumont also planned the tree planting in the deer park, now inhabited by black fallow deer and Bagot Goats.  The best view for gardens is from one of the upstairs bedrooms.

So glad that I finally visited this lovely stately home on my doorstep.


  1. Richard Bagot says:

    Hello, I loved reading you blog and I’m glad that you have taken the time to write about your visit to Levens Hall. My wife and I have lived at Levens for two years and we signed up to Google Alerts so we can always see how other people view our home. Thank you for going to the trouble to put this online and we hope you come and see us again soon

    Kind regards

    Richard Bagot

    1. Gina says:

      I am sales manager for Farrers so have visited the house on hundreds of occasions. It was lovely to visit properly. I had no idea how amazing the garden were or how much topiary there was! The house is a credit to you all. Of course had to have a cup of Lakeland special tea in the cafe afterwards.

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