Spray tan Virgin

You know that moment when there’s a spell of good weather, you grab your shorts to take advantage and are greeted with lily white legs. The kind that would blind someone at 50 paces. Usually I have a bit of residue tan from a winter sun break. This year there was no Egypt winter sun as went to Amsterdam on a city break.

I was telling my friend Hayley my dilemma as due to go on holiday with her, joking she would need her sunglasses. She suggested getting a spray tan, saying bacon always looks better crispy. So I thought why not!

When I was having my callus peel, I was chatting to Elly and she said she did them mobile. So it was booked.

The fear with it for me is I didn’t want to look fake or like I’d been gang banged by wotsits. I had my list of pre tan instructions. Exfoliate and shave legs 24 hours before my tan appointment.

A huge pop up tent was erected in my spare room. Elly ran through the safety aspects and whether I wanted paper knickers on, bra on etc. I decided to go in the buff, as don’t want tan lines. Hair net on, dry bits (knees and elbows) moisturised, sticky feet pads on and here we go.

Tan colour chosen and off we go. Lots of turning, moving body parts to get even coverage. It took about 15 minutes to do. I was so pleased with the results.

The tan would develop over night. Then wash off with water until water is clear, then shower with shower products as normal. The result is so natural. Had lots of people the next day say “you look really well, have you been on holiday?” Our secret right?!

Will definitely be having another. Now just to moisturise to keep my tan going.

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