Pearls of wisdom 

It has just been my birthday, another year older none the wiser, well maybe just a teeny bit. I was reading an article in my monthly girly Mag, which was 30 things I know by the age of 30 and inspired this blog. 

I think now I’m in my 40’s, yes I know you don’t believe that I am that old. I keep saying I can get away with 35, the ageing process has been kind so far!  Plus all my various potions must be working. Am I where I thought I would be at this age? No, but am I living life to the full, yes. If I was to die tomorrow, it would say on my gravestone “she did lived life as full as she possibly could”. As you age, I think you become more comfortable in your skin.

So what would I tell my younger self?

Lower expectations of people/situations. This is such a hard one as you expect people to have the same values as you. You have this thought that people would treat you as you would them. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen. Lowering expectations will ultimately mean less disappointments.

Don’t placate as much. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok not to maintain friendships which you’ve outgrown. Life is too short. You need to surround yourself with radiators not drains.

Bad times don’t last forever. You will go through some terrible things thoughout your life. It will feel like the worse thing ever but I promise the dark times don’t last forever.

Believe in yourself. You are pretty bloody fabulous. Your friends tell you this so start believing this too.

Life continues to be like school. No matter how old you get there are always cliques, people will gossip, people won’t like you for no reason at all. Good news is you care less. Their loss.

Life is too short for bad…..insert food/drink here. I would rather go without than have something sub standard. People go on about “you must try this is so cheap” in my experience it usually just tastes shit.  I’d rather have quality over quantity. Good food and drink are what you will enjoy in life.

Social media brings out worse in people. It’s a great platform for meeting like minded people and you will make lots of lovely friends. But those needy, sickly posts will make you want to reach into your phone and bitch slap. When that happens put your phone down and do something else.

Kindness is the most important quality, oh and to make you laugh.

Eat the cake, you can be skinny when you’re dead. You love food and exercise to be calorie neutral.  Everything in moderation. Whether your fat or skinny, everyone has that roll of fat when you bend over.

Most importantly just live life as we only get one chance at this. If you get an opportunity to do something DO IT!

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