After completing my 40 at 40 list, it got me thinking about other things I wanted to do. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/06/17/the-final-list-ginas-big-40-at-40/

So my fabulist was born, no time frame just a list of things, adventures, experiences I wanted to do before I die. Though not planning on that happening anytime soon. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2014/10/19/my-new-fabulist/

Just recently a couple of people I know have lost their battle with cancer. The indescriminate disease.  One surviving partner said to me “keep doing your adventures, live life to the full. Fiona was just  like you and always did”.   On my gravestone it will say “she lived life to the full, had adventures and inspired people to have theirs”.   I’ve just been looking through my list and got a few things planned to do off it over the next few weeks. But there are a few new additions to this extensive list.

Do the zip wire in Snowdonia – I did what was the longest one of my 40@40 list. This one opened a few weeks afterwards.

Go to trampoline world

Take a cork off a bottle of bubbly with a sword

Learn to ride a unicycle

Rip off a tablecloth off a table with pots on.

Join the mile high club

Do a cocktail making course

Pull the perfect pint and do a shift in a pub

Learn to fire eat
Learn to read a map
Learn to blow glass
Do octoberfest
Munich and the beer teller
Do Ice wall
Go in gyrocopter
Learn to read tea leaves

Do a press up

My fabulist

Complete the Windermere marathon

Complete Bob graham round

Learn the harmonica

Complete the Kielder marathon

Learn to juggle

Learn to skim stones

Learn to wolf whistle

Go to a Driving range

Do a Skid pan day

Rally day

Sky dive

Visit Beamish

Drive a speedboat

Walk the Cumbrian way

Learn to salsa

Learn flamenco

Publish a book

Become a world record holder

Demolish a building

Learn to throw a lasso

Go to a firing range

Mud wrestle



Bridge bungee jump

Walk the Welsh 300

Learn Spanish

Sumo suit wrestling

Dine at le manoir

Dine at Gidleigh park

Dine at hand and flowers

Hot air balloon ride

Drive a caterham

Learn to tap dance

Row on open water with Kirsty Reid

La tomatina Spain

Fire walking

Visit Buckingham palace

Go to the races

Try a bottle of cristal

Heavy horses

Amsterdam and get high

Go on a bucking broncho

Learn to Ice skate with Niamh and Erin

Roller disco

Do tequila properly with lime and salt

Light my farts

Lindy dance with Cate

Learn to play poker

Visit Downton Abbey

Have a drink in the Shard

Get my oldies played on radio 2

Perfect the pout

Learn to apply eyeshadow so don’t look like a tranny! Job for Jan

Visit St bees

Go round Cumbria on the train

Do Carlisle to settle on the train

Be a can can girl

Go on a sedgway

Learn to ski with heather

Go on a bobsleigh with jake

Go out in London in style with cate

Learn to aerial trapeze

Pull a wheelie with Dave A

Drive a real steam train with Tim

Conquer fear of water

Go to a casino

Go to the dogs

Learn a magic trick

Learn to shuffle cards

Boudoir photo shoot

Visit Chelsea flower show

Go to Wimbledon

Do a photo shoot

Do Paul Merton’s secret train station trip

If you can help, please get in touch. Life is for living.

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