A tick off my fabulist – visit Buckingham palace 

Since the palace opened to the public back in 1993, I have always wanted to visit. It was opened to the public to raised funds after the Windsor castle fire in 1992.  Buckingham palace is one of the capitals most recognizable landmarks along with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. 

The palace wasn’t always so grand, for royalty back when it was built in 1703. It was a modest house and didn’t acquire the facade we recognise until the early 1900’s. Marble Arch used to be a part of the house until Queen Victoria had it moved to its current home. She wanted more bedrooms built and it was simply in the way.

As you enter the palace to do the tour, you are ushered through security which is like at an airport. Unfortunately you are unable to take photos. But I can understand why as there are enough queues without waiting for snappers.

There was an exhibition of all the Queen’s dresses through the decades of her life. I was like a small child staring in wonderment at the fabric, dresses and accessories. History there in front of me.

The other rooms are magnificent, recognising the rooms from reading Hello magazine and the ilk. Everything is so exquisite but not over the top.

I’m so glad I have finally visited.

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