A tick off my fabulist – go to a driving range

It was a plan B kinda day, mother nature had sent us unseasonable weather AGAIN!!  It was overcast and blowing a gale so not inspiring me to go out into the fells.  Whilst sat in the Beer hall decided to go to Kendal driving range and tick this off my list.

It is the princely sum of £3.50 for a basket of balls and to hire a club, utter bargain.  With a bit of coaching and help from my long suffering husband, I was off.  There is something very therapeutic and frustrating in equal measures in doing this.  A friend said imagine it is someones head you are hitting!!  I loved it.

I hit a few to the 75 metre distance, cue me pulling a chuffed face.  A few went only a few feet, but for my first attempt I managed my expectations.  I am so going to do this again.

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