Rydal Mount

I have driven past here thousands of times over the years and finally visited.  Rydal Mount was the last home of William Wordsworth before he died.  A lot more luxurious and spacious compared to his first home of Dove Cottage.  It is where he wrote one of his most famous poems “Daffodils”. 

The house is still in ownership of the Wordsworth family.  In the attic which was where William Wordsworth worked when he was Poet Laureate, you could imagine him being inspired by the view and his surroundings.  The house is stunning and we had it all to ourselves.  It is only £7.50 admission but as we have a “My Cumbria” card bought that down to £6.00.   It is worth every penny.

Wordsworth’s Attic study

Wordsworth was a keen landscape gardener and the four acre garden remains today very much as he designed it.  

The Rash field, next to the churchyard of St Mary’s at Rydal, was bought by Wordsworth originally to build a house, while he lived at Rydal Mount. The house never materialised.

After his daughter Dora died in 1847, William went down to the field between Rydal Mount and the main road, and together with his wife, sister and gardener, planted hundreds of daffodils as a memorial to Dora.  Dora’s Field now belongs to the National Trust.

So glad I have finally visited here and must revisit when the daffodils are out.

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