The Perils of getting about in The Lake District

People are always saying to me you are so lucky living and working in the Lake District.  Yes I am, I ran away to the Lakes back in 1990 with my boyfriend at the time.  I came here with nothing and didn’t even know where the Lake District was.  When you are young and in love, you do these crazy things.   I love living here, it is one of the most beautiful places in the UK attracting around 15.8 million visitors per year.

The one thing I do not like, is travelling around the Lakes by car, especially in the season. In my job as Sales Manager for a coffee company, my coffee girl travels take me all over Cumbria.  A customer recently say to me now he just thinks of the tourists as “£££ in cars” as we need them for our economy.  It is as if drivers have won their driving licences in a raffle!!  I know we need tourism but it doesn’t stop me finding it annoying!  I am sure some readers of this blog will be nodding in agreement!

The Lake District scenery is jaw droppingly beautiful, but do you have to dive at 15 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone?  No is the answer you are looking for, find a suitable place to pull over and take it in, so as not to cause a traffic jam behind you.  Yes, if you took the time to look in your rear view mirror this is occurring right now.

Some of the roads are narrow and don’t have a white lines on.  But you don’t have to brake severely on every single corner, drive in the middle of the road or completely forget what the ‘R’ is on your gear stick.  It is for reverse, just to refresh your memory.  Always remember where the passing places are located.  Though you will be parked just past one, will make me reverse miles as you clearly can’t be either arsed or bright enough just to be courteous and reverse to let me pass.

The roads are not pavements. You wander aimlessly on the roads and then shoot drivers a look of contempt when they try to get past you. We are here to do a job too. 

You’ll drive like a snail in front of me  but MIRACULOUSLY speeds up when I try to overtake you. Then brake severely when the road bends in the slightest. 

There is 100% chance that I have called some of the nicest people horrible things whilst driving around. Apologies. 

Ps just because I’m in business attire and heels, not looking as if an outdoor shop has been sick on me. You don’t have to stare down your nose at me. I’m beting you’re all the gear and no idea kinda person and has never been up a mountain. Just for the record I have all 214 Wainwrights! 😉 


  1. keatsbabe says:

    Oh god you’ve had a bad day! That sort of driving isn’t confined to the Lakes though – we get it all the time in Somerset, and when we lived in Brighton it was even worse. People get wrapped up in their bubbles inside a car and forget there is anyone else on the road and it must be really annoying when you have a job to do. But we aren’t all that inconsiderate (though I may have accidentally wandered into the road a few times at the end of a long walk, when my internal compass has lost its bearings…sorry) and to be honest, I am really peeved anyone up there thinks I am just £££ in cars. Its a place that means a lot to me, and although i often wish there were fewer people to share it with, I know I am not the only one who cherishes it.

  2. Yes, yes and yes. It boils my wee the way some people drive. For goodness sake if they want to drive slowly, indicate left, pull slightly over and let people pass! Please!

    1. Gina says:

      So true, doesn’t mean we don’t like visitors honest!!!

      1. Ha no, we just want everyone to be happy on the roads.

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