A tick off the Fabulist – Learn a magic trick

I have always been mesmerized by magic.  Being transfixed by Paul Daniels when  growing up watching his show.  I wanted to learn a magic trick, just because why not.  Plus if I was proficient, I could Then show off at dinner parties with my party piece. 

Twitter is a wonderful thing at times, bringing people together.  Harry started following me, as in on Twitter not in a stalking way.  A conversation and I said “you’d be perfect to help with a couple of things of my fabulist”  sent him the link to a recent blog post and he said he would love to help me. 

So we arranged to meet in the Dog and Gun pub in Keswick.  He said he would be wearing his bowler hat, dark glasses and carrying a cane.  I said please let this be true and I am pleased to say he did turn up in that attire.   Introductions made and he got props out of his bag.  He did a couple of tricks and I was enthralled at how did he do that.

A demo of the trick I was going to learn and now my turn.  It was all going well until I dropped a pepper pot and it smashed and went eveywhere!!  Oops.  I had grasped it and like with everything practice makes perfect.

I do not think I had laughed so much in ages, there were a lot of bemused people in the pub wondering what was going on.  I think we will be allowed back in the pub, he he.

Thank you so much Harry for taking time out to teach me a trick or two.

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