A tick off the Fabulist – Learn to shuffle

I have always wanted to be able to be proficient in shuffling cards.  Just one of those things I think you should not how to do properly.  I guess I  would love to be able to do fancy shuffling but with lots of things in life, get the basics right first.  Enter Harry.  I met Harry through the wonderful medium of Twitter.  He started following me, virtually not as a stalker!  I said cheekily “you can help me tick off some things on my list”.  So a meet up in a pub on my lunch break, like a blind date was arranged.

He handed me a pack of cards and said show me what you can do.  He face palmed and thought oh my word what have I let myself in for after my first attempt.   But after a demo from Harry, I had a go and ta daa I could shuffle cards.  Not very well but I could.

So lots more practice needed.  Thank you Harry for teaching me.

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