Beer club 

First rule of beer club is not to talk about beer club!! If I did that, this would be the shortest blog ever. 

For the last 2 years, we have bought a Rainbow project case of beers. The Rainbow project was initially the brainchild of Ryan Witter-Merithew (then Head Brewer at Siren Craft Brew). Since its humble beginnings in 2013 this celebration of collaborative and innovative brewing has become an annual beer calendar. 7 UK Brewers randomly paired, the collaborating breweries are each given a colour of the rainbow and challenged to create a new beer inspired by that colour.

We said to Ronnie and his son Al who run our local “The Factory Tap” we would like to share our beer booty with them.

Al said he would do some food to match the beers. These 14 beers with a few we acquired from Saltaire brewery and some others, a date was set and beer club was born.

So this is what we drank:

Empress 4% by Bowness Bay Brewing – thought would start with one of the weaker ones in the collection. This is a good session beer full of hoppy loveliness. Packed with lots of lasting flavour.

Depth charge 5.3% by Eden Brewing – clean tasting, good balance of hops and strength.

Dynamite 5.7% by Eden Brewing – does exactly what it says on the tin. IPA is one of my favourite styles of Beer. Easy drinking hoppy perfect.

Upside down Yellow ale 6% by Magic Rock and Fork Brewing – this was incredibly lemony and full of citrus hops. A very good palate cleanser. I really enjoyed this one.

Anja ale Beaver town & Dogfish head brewery 4% – an oak barrelled fermented beer. Had the aroma of malt vinegar. Incredibly sour, bit acidic, taste is of tart fruit. Not my favourite.

Cigarro Roja Magica 6.5% by Magic Rock and Cigar city – lovely IPA, this was one of my favourites of the night. A full bodied Amber IPA packed full of flavour. Smells like orange peel and caramel. Lovely.

A quick break for some food. Al had made Manchester eggs. Not being a scotch egg fan I wasn’t  looking forward to this. But it was utterly delicious.

Deep fried whitebait and dill Mayo, yummy.

Real Time Saison 6.6% by Partizan and Prairie Artisan Ales: Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass and Grapefruit Zest Saison. Sour refreshing.

Kai Moran Gose 6% by Hawkshead and Yeastie boys: clean tasting and worked perfectly with the whitebait. Lemony sourness and almost salty notes.

 Beer with no name brewed behind The Masons Arms : Ronnie was given this bottle to try. Lovely smooth maltiness. Almost tasted like alcoholic cola or sarsaparilla.

Imperial IPA 9.5% by Saltaire brewery : almost barley wine esq. Warm full of flavour and worked real well with cheese.

Imperial stout 8.9% by Saltaire brewery : malty full of body and very nice. Full of chocolate, vanilla, pudding in a glass.

Decided after 10 that was enough for one night leaving the other 12 for another night. I love trying different styles of beers, I might not always like them but it’s always good to try.

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