Grasmere revisited 

Friends Martin and Kirsty were up in the lakes and Martin has been sucked into the Wainwright obsession. Having completed the 214 wainwrights myself, I feel a little jealous of the excitement of ticking off hills. Plotting, planning as the obsession takes hold. 

As he had some of the central fells to do I suggested this 4 ticked off and is such a nice walk. I couldn’t believe it was over 4 years since I had last walked this route. This walk was one of my early wainwright bagging walks. 

Parking in our locals knowledge free carpark, boots on and we are off. The path to Helm Crag is well marked. It’s quite a steady ascent up and with this you are quickly rewarded with a view.  

We were so lucky with the weather though as we got higher the windier and cold it got. Soon the recognisable Howitzer was in sight. I’d climbed it last time I was here. 

From here a slight descent and climb up to Gibson Knott, though the actual summit looks as if it should be it but it actually a little further on. Quick GPS check and yes definitely done the summit. 

It’s such easy walking in this route and soon Calf Crag was in sight.   Before we got to Calf crag found a perfect spot for lunch. I have to say nothing like a pork pie and brownie to eat on a mountain. 

As I hadn’t been fell walking for awhile so I  was glad it wasn’t anymore strenuous. 

Calf crag selfie

At calf crag, Martin and I headed to the final summit of Steel Fell whilst Dave and Kirsty headed down the valley to the car. It was a boggy slog as we temporarily lost the path. I like Steel fell with its view down towards Thirlmere. 

Last one done and a well marked path down. Martin and I could smell the beer. Despite taking different routes down, we ended back at nearly the same time. Tweedies bar in Grasmere was the destination for post walk reward. Couldn’t choose so had a paddle. Another 4 ticked off. 


  1. Nice walk that, love Helm Crag. There’s something special about a walk from Grasmere, so many good refreshment places to come back to. Had a look at your earlier blog and saw the alphabet mugs. Happy days 🙂

    1. Gina says:

      Yes you’re a very bad influence Martin re the mugs 😉 X

      1. It appeals to our creative side 🙂

      2. Gina says:

        Yes we are very creative 😉

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